West Valley Water District (District) is a Special District governed by a five-member Board of Directors providing retail water to approximately 82,000 customers. The District serves drinking water to portions of Rialto, Colton, Fontana, Bloomington, and portions of the unincorporated area of San Bernardino County, and a portion of the city of Jurupa Valley in Riverside County. Our mission is to provide a reliable, safe drinking water supply to meet our customers’ present and future needs at a reasonable cost and to promote water-use efficiency and conservation.

Our source of water comes from groundwater wells that pump from the Lytle, Rialto, Bunkerhill and North Riverside aquifers. We also treat surface water from Lytle Creek in the San Bernardino Mountains, and California State Project Water - Lake Silverwood.  Your District routinely tests for contaminants from these sources in accordance with Federal and State Regulations.

The District vigilantly safeguards its water supplies. District staff collects samples on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual and triennial basis in accordance with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and State Water Resources Control Board – Division of Drinking Water (DDW) regulations. 

The District operates and maintains several treatment plants to ensure we deliver the best water to our consumers; the Oliver P. Roemer Water Filtration Facility treats surface water from Lytle Creek and State Project Water delivered through Lake Silverwood; the Arsenic removal treatment plant treats water from Well No. 2; several Ion Exchange Treatment Systems treat water to remove Perchlorate from Well Nos. 16, 17, 18A, and 42. Our newest treatment facility, the Groundwater Wellhead Treatment System, removes perchlorate from District Well No. 11 and Rialto Well No. 6.  This facility is the first in the nation to use bioremediation to remove perchlorate and distribute water directly to customers.

In addition, the District and Carollo Engineers are embarking on another perchlorate treatment removal project using Fixed Bed Biological Reactors (FXB) to remove perchlorate, nitrate, and trichloroethylene. Construction of the FXB system began in summer 2016 and the facility scheduled to go online in calendar year 2018.  

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